amy squareMy research interests lie within the fields of science studies and political ecology. My motivations behind this line of research are to contribute to applied research in environmental justice with the added commitment of optimism and searching for solutions, not just describing environmental and social problems. My work focuses on coastal communities around the world, addressing questions of community and environmental sustainability as well as the connections between these two. In particular, my dissertation investigated how incorporating a diverse array of knowledge types into conservation research and planning might lead to scientific innovation and policy connections. My current work with the California Ocean Science Trust looks at how citizen science might contribute to marine protected area monitoring and management.

In addition to active research, I am committed to developing interdisciplinary research between the social and natural sciences, understanding the linkages between nature and culture, and creating ways for collaborative applied research to take place. This commitment involves thinking about how the academic institution can support interdisciplinary ideas and is tied to a broader movement of democratizing science, from outreach to participatory research, that involves citizens in the scientific process.